How To Download


Please read carefully and just follow simple steps bellow:

Step 1

Make sure your browser is checked to accept cookies, and clear browser cookies before starting. Make sure to turn off your adBlock on your browser. Turn on JavaScript on your browser.  Browser suggested: Chrome, IE, Opera, etc.. Don’t use UC Browser to download the file, because sometimes the download button is not visible.

Step 2

Click download button and then you will see a locker page, The file is protected by a locker.

– Using desktop browser (Sample image)

How To Download

 – Using mobile browser (Sample image)

How To Download

Step 3

To unlock it, you must complete a simple offer / a single quick survey. Choose either that you think easy. Example, download one app or email confirm (use valid new email, legit or not temporary email)

Step 4

After completion. You will be redirected to the download page. Done,

A survey appearsto verify that you are a real human.It’s an anti spam methode to protect our files. And also surveys help up run the application and software development and server cost. Treat the survey as a ddonation on your part. We seek and share the tools for many hours and survey take only about 2-5 minutes of your time.